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Who are the WSSHE

The Washington State Society for Healthcare Engineering (WSSHE), is a not-for-profit, incorporated association, dedicated to serving and promoting the healthcare engineering profession....

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The Process

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund will be to assist WSSHE Full Members to be able to attend conferences and educational meetings that they might not be able to due to financial restrictions ...

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Open Letter

During the past several years, there have been many questions raised concerning the reasons for the formation of the PPSF, how it is run and what influence WSSHE has over it ...

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Our 2012 Donors Are...

Our History


A WSSHE golf tournament served to inspire the idea of creating a fund that would allow Full Members to attend the two WSSHE state conferences.


Articles of Incorporation were filed and the Certificate of Incorporation was granted for the PPSF under the UBI number 602-478-492 by the Washington Secretary of State's office


The IRS granted the 503 c (3) exemption.


- Through 2012, PPSF has awarded, 54 scholarships totaling $22,334.41..
- Our Pete Peterson Scholarship website is redesigned.