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The Purpose

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund will be to assist WSSHE Full Members to be able to attend conferences and educational meetings that they might not be able to due to financial restrictions.
At the beginning of the year the Chapter Board shall meet and decide the amount of the funds, the number of awards to be given, and the individual amount of each award. The Board will then make the announcement of the chapter membership of the funding that will be available and the procedures for applying.

Priority of Awarding of Fund is as Follows:


Awards shall be given on a first come, first served basis



The PPSF Board will set the guidelines for the due dates of applications and the awarding criteria. Full members can use the enclosed application form to submit their requests.



The PPSF Board will approve/disapprove all requests at the regular PPSF Board meeting following the receipt of the requests.



That's it!


Upon Board Approval of the Award, the PPSF Treasurer will Disperse the Funds as Follows:

If the award is for attending the Annual/Semi-Annual Conference, the applicant will provide their expenses for registration, food, and travel expenses, once provided, the awards will be paid directly to the applicant. The payment will be predetermined and will not exceed the state amount

All other awards will be paid directly to the applicant upon the PPSF Treasurer being presented with evidence of actual enrollment in the courses/conferences (invoice, registration acceptance, etc).


At the final PPSF Board Meeting, the PPSF President will announce the number of each award, the amount of the award, and what is was used for. The names of the recipients shall remain confidential; unless permission is given for publicity seeks.